Inshore and Backwater

2 People
8hr $650.00
6hr $500.00
4hr $400.00
$50.00 per additional person limit 4 people
Discount may be given for children

Fish Winyah Bay, North Inlet, North and South Santee Rivers, and Bulls Bay for Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Blue Fish, Lady Fish, Black Drum Tarpon and Sharks. Casting and fly fishing is one of the purest forms of the art of fishing.

It has more to offer in the thrill of the hunt and the feel of a perfect cast as it does number of fish caught. Then there is old faithful “Live Bait.” No need for the TV perfect cast or working the bait just right. Just plain good ole fishing. Sometimes sitting waiting for the fish to come to you. Sometimes drifting or poling to cover more water. Either way it is fun and produces a lot of fish. From the thrill of fish hitting a top water plug to the charge of the cork heading to the grass, both work and make for a day of memories.